Business Philosophy - from our owner, Jason (Jay) Leslie

The customer is everything.

Setting expectations, clear and effective communications, establishing trust, reliability, positivity, and delivering a quality result, are all the things that we strive for with each job, no matter how small.

If things go wrong, we don't run and fact, we can't.  We'll fix it.  We live here, and we hope to always be viewed as valued members of the community, as individuals, and as a business.

Our Team

As of Feb 2022, we're proud to say our growing company employs a diverse team of 7 Boulder County Residents, and all are great humans.  We're constantly training ourselves in an effort to achieve the highest level of craftsmanship in our work.  We care about our clients, along with the outcomes we deliver, and this is a part of who each one of us is.  This isn't just a job.  We LOVE what we do and are grateful for the work our community provides.

How We Work

As a licensed general contractor and team of craftspeople, we can do just about anything with your home that you need to have done.

Generally, our team will be hands-on with protection (making sure your house is protected during construction), demolition, disposal, wall repair, paint, tiling, light plumbing and electrical, framing, and any form of carpentry.  Anything we can't handle, or that makes financial sense to subcontract, we'll call from our list of hand-picked and proven professionals to help.

We're mostly a time and materials biller.  We can provide an estimate, and then after the work begins we'll invoice you weekly for our hours and materials.


How We Came to Be

Our owner, Jay (right), started Brawn and Brain, after noticing a shortage of contractors and

craftspeople available for small to medium-sized projects, and handyman-type projects.  As it turned out, the need was greater than Jay realized and the company immediately outgrew its one-man approach. 

Brawn and Brain will remain in place, and will always serve its customers, however, Carve

Construction fits much better with where the company is naturally headed.

You can read more about Jay's background here.